Preparing for Outplacement Support

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Time to think the unthinkable - and get prepared.

Restructuring is something all companies go through and, when managed in the right way, can be a positive thing. Workforce change will inevitably impact employees however, redundancies can be managed with the help of effective Outplacement Support given to those individuals who will be going through a career transition.

Renovo have created an essential guide to Outplacement Planning to help you prepare for workforce change within your organisation.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Give yourself time to get the right support mix in place for your employees

  • Build a business case for Outplacement, and establish budgets

  • Develop an effective communication plan that will drive engagement

  • Monitor the success of the Outplacement Support you are providing

 Download this resource to help you prepare for the unexpected.

About Renovo

Renovo is the UK’s leading specialist provider of outplacement services.

As experts in the field we have developed a wide range of services to draw on, from personalised career coaching and the latest in careers technology, to contemporary on-site group workshops and career clinics.

Whether you need to implement support for just one individual or for many hundreds as part of a large scale programme of change, we have the experience and flexibility to build a tailored outplacement solution that works for you and your employees.


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