Physical Wellbeing in the Workplace

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Most people know that physical wellbeing is something they should concern themselves with, but we often overlook the role employers can play in the process. Looking to the future as the world of work starts to head towards the new normal, how can employers make sure they are looking after the physical wellbeing of their best assets, when most staff may not be back in the office?

Employers can not only positively affect physical wellbeing by implementing initiatives, they can also support their employees to make healthier choices. This in turn can have an impact of employee’s mental and financial wellbeing.

As employee engagement specialists, Personal Group have a particular interest in employee health and wellbeing, due to the strong link between these factors and overall happiness and productivity at work.

This led us to conduct a survey of UK employees to better understand the state of physical wellbeing in the workplace, and what, if anything, could be done to remedy the situation.

This report discusses the results of the survey and how they relate to the effect of physical health issues on the productivity of the UK workforce. We will also offer advice on how to help reduce the levels of presenteeism and absence experienced due to physical health related issues.

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Wellbeing, like us as individuals, is a sum of many parts. This is why Personal Group offer a range of products and services to support the physical, financial, mental and social needs of workers – wherever and whenever they need it the most.

We don’t just support employees, we look after our clients’ workers where it counts, both inside and outside of work; because wellbeing matters. We offer a range of products and services through our fully customisable employee experience platform that will gives access to all of the support and services your workers need, 24/7.

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