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People risk mitigation: How to safeguard the workplace in 2024

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This report crafted for finance sector HR professionals focuses on strategic hiring, employee training, and retention as key levers for risk management.

It emphasises the importance of HR partnering with financial, compliance, and cybersecurity teams, addressing insider threats and adapting to technology through strategic workforce planning.

You will learn:

  • Insights into how HR contributes to forming policies and training to mitigate various insider threats.

  • Strategies for Creating a Strong Workforce

  • Advice on strategic recruitment and promoting a risk-aware culture

About Zinc Work

Zinc is an HR technology company established in 2017, headquartered in London, England. Their approach to global background checking is reshaping industry standards.

With a diverse client portfolio including industry giants such as Hello Fresh and Octopus Energy, they empower Heads of Talent Acquisition and HR Leaders through automated reference and background-checking tools.

With Zinc, background checks become a one-click process, resulting in quicker hiring decisions with heightened confidence

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