People Analytics 101

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HR teams have access to an ever growing pool of data about their people and their business, but turning it into an indispensible part of the people function can be a challenge.

People Analytics is a process in which a company’s data is transformed into insights to improve business outcomes. This makes use of analysis to help decision-makers interpret business and people data to improve the impact on HR and business goals.

Download this e-book for essential insight on:

  • What the core elements of people analytics are

  • Why people analytics is so important for HR teams

  • How to evolve from HR reporting to the people analytics

Plus much more on one of the most important tools for the HR team of the future.

About SplashBI

At SplashBI our mission is to deliver the power of data-driven decisions by providing instant access to data from disparate systems in the form of reports, visualisations, and trends.

Our philosophy is Data Never Lies and Data Never Dies. SplashBI offers insightful pre-built content, powerful ad-hoc reporting, and in-depth dashboards through our proprietary data models for faster implementations and quick ROI.

SplashHR is our ready to use People Analytics solution that enables businesses to be better informed, to make intelligent decisions touching all aspects across their recruiting strategies, employee engagement, talent management, DEI, and much more.

Our Vision is to create a truly meaningful people analytics capability, fully aligned with the goals of the business, to drive better outcomes.


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