Payroll for the new era of People teams

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In this guide, we bring you tactical tips on taking your people team to the next level by evaluating your current HR tech setup.

People teams have a refreshed, modern avatar. The pandemic brought to light important issues that transcend the workplace. Companies had to move away from the usual punching the clock and productivity had a whole new meaning.

Download the guide to learn:

  • Practical steps towards becoming a modern HR function

  • Ways to assess your current payroll setup

  • How to evaluate your next payroll partner

About Pento

It's 2022. People and Finance teams shouldn't compromise on their payroll outsourcer’s inefficiency, lack of control, and inflexibility just for advice. Instead, by switching to Pento, they get:

  • Reliable support and advice from CIPP qualified payroll experts

  • Automated tax and salary calculations

  • Flexibility to make pay adjustments up until the night before payday, no cut-offs or artificial deadlines

  • Effortless compliance because Pento syncs with HMRC to update any legislation

  • No BACS, no delays. Only automated, one-click payments to employees and HMRC

  • Real-time, automated HRIS integrations that auto-update any employee, salary and payment information, without any import-exports

  • Accounting integration that ensures payroll is posted to the right journal automatically

  • Comprehensive payroll reporting suite

In a nutshell, Pento is an easy to use payroll automation software with reliable support from payroll experts. We're best suited for modern, efficient People and Finance teams in the UK! 

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