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How to build resilience into your ‘new normal’ strategy

The global COVID-19 pandemic has challenged even the most robust organisations and smart leaders. It is doubtful that any business anticipated months of lockdown without months to prepare – ‘unprecedented’ is an understatement.

For Payroll & HR teams, the management of people has been completely upended, including getting to grips with furlough arrangements, reduced hours, remote working and balancing of jobs with other duties. Senior leaders are now looking to establish strategies to cope with a second wave of COVID-19 or indeed any other kind of crisis.

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Our unhealthy obsession with payroll is a good thing. We love payroll…and we’re pretty good at it. It’s our ‘payrollers’ dedication and knowledge that allows us to deliver a range of unrivalled payroll solutions that fit a constantly-evolving world. So, you can depend on us to master ever-changing rules and regulations, making sure your people are paid accurately, on-time, every time. But, we believe the difference we create isn’t simply confined to software. It’s about our attitude and mindset, fuelled by our expertise and service. We are transforming payroll by shaping the experience around our customers. We know how important payroll is to you... that’s why it’s important to us. We are the Payroll People. We are SD Worx.

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