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Contact Centre Attrition Report 2024

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With attrition rates almost twice the national average, contact centre businesses must seek new methods to attract and retain the talent they require.

The conventional image of contact centre agents as merely order-takers or complaint-handlers is steadily dissipating. Contact centres have evolved into sophisticated, data-driven hubs that power some of the globe's most thriving enterprises.

Consequently, a plethora of diverse and engaging roles now abound within these centres, including frontline positions that directly engage with customers. And contrary to fears of being rendered obsolete by technology, contact centre workers are harnessing increasingly advanced tools to enhance customer experiences and drive business success.

Nevertheless, contact centres are facing some of the most challenging attrition rates seen in any industry sector.

Download this key report to learn:

  • How an unending talent shortage impacts customer centre businesses

  • The issues that are causing customer centre workers to leave their jobs

  • What employers must to to overcome the talent exodus

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