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Outsourcing HR & Payroll: The need for agile HR and payroll processes have been made clear

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Building HR resilience with agility - What are the top 10 global threats exposed by global business shutdowns?

While the human cost of the pandemic has been huge, the economic cost can’t be overlooked. The return to structure and routine will mark the end to this annus horribilis for many.

First on the to-do list for HR and payroll teams is to look at the practical and economic costs of rebuilding and restructuring a workforce. Enable the people, skills, and impetus to start and continue organisational growth.

This eBook focuses on the HR and payroll process experience of the past year and what it can teach us about what is to come as we aim to return to business growth.

In it, you will learn:

  • Why HR and payroll processes need to be prioritised

  • What the 10 payroll threats exposed by global business shutdowns are

  • Practical steps to building a business case to explore business resilience options

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