Employee Engagement Checklist and Calendar

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Planning your next philanthropic campaign? Boost social impact and employee engagement

Throughout the remainder of 2024 there are special dates that draw attention to important causes. These dates offer the perfect opportunity to catalyse employee engagement and to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to its community through volunteering, charitable giving, or fundraising events.

How can you get more employees involved in these ‘Moments that Matter’? How can you spread the excitement and make employees feel proud of the impact the company has collectively achieved?

We have curated a checklist with actions to take before, during, and after your philanthropic campaigns, to help you achieve your goals. You’ll find:

  • Ideas to help your organisation plan campaigns around an important cause or date

  • Steps for developing an effective communication strategy

  • Tips for launching these campaigns, evaluating them, and celebrating your impact afterwards

You’ll also find a handy calendar with 2024 Giving and Awareness days for the UK, US, and Canada and links to additional resources.

We hope this checklist will make it easier to leverage important dates throughout the year to engage employees across the world in social good, fostering a purpose-driven culture in your organisation.

About Blackbaud

Blackbaud’s corporate impact team empowers purpose-led organisations to drive meaningful impact in their communities through education and employee engagement.

Two of our solutions enable businesses to create meaningful social impact. EVERFI from Blackbaud powers up social impact through community education programmes sponsored by organisations like yours. YourCause from Blackbaud provides essential software for companies to connect their employees to the nonprofit community through giving and volunteering, empowering leaders to tell a profound impact story.

Together, we can make a difference.

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