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Making redundancies? 5 questions to ask before implementing an outplacement programme

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As the cost-of-living crisis rages on, businesses and employees are both feeling the impact.

Spiralling energy costs and supply chain pressures mean organisations are facing operational challenges, while a growing number of employees are having to seek extra work through the gig economy in order to manage rising inflation rates. 

Read Right Management’s e-Book to learn what career transition looks like in 2022 and beyond, and to discover five key questions you should be asking yourself before implementing an outplacement programme in your business.

Download this e-Book to learn:

  • How to communicate fairly and transparently

  • How to save costs and relieve current economic strain on your organisation

  • What your employees really want

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We enable organisations to attract, develop and retain the top talent for a rapidly transforming business environment. Right Management from Talent Solutions has more than 40 years of expertise in the talent lifecycle. Our insight- and technology-driven solutions are designed to work with your needs and your organisational culture. We accelerate the capabilities of your workforce to ensure your talent – and your business – is prepared to meet the demands of a strategic global workforce.

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