Humans wanted: Robots need you

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How automation is changing the world of work - and what you need to do to remain competitive.

Robot workers are replacing human jobs - the debate of the decade. This research shows that 87% of employers plan to increase or maintain headcount as a result of automation for the third consecutive year. Rather than reducing employment opportunities, organisations are investing in digital, shifting tasks to robots and creating jobs. At the same time, companies are scaling their upskilling so their human workforce can perform new and complementary roles to those done by machines. 

Right Management asked 19,000 employers in 44 countries about:

  • The impact of automation on job growth in their organisation in the next two years

  • The functions they plan to increase headcount the most, and the types of skills they are looking for

  • The talent strategies they are implementing to ensure a future-fit workforce

Download the report to discover a real-time view of how automation is changing the way organisations operate.

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