HR's role in solving the UK's productivity puzzle

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Do you know how productive your organisation really is?

The UK as a whole is experiencing a long standing economic headache when it comes to productivity. In comparison to other countries, the nation’s shortfall is considered a significant problem. Even though there have been noteworthy rises in employment numbers, productive output has decreased. Also as a country, the UK seemingly works long hours, yet the value of output is low. So where do the problems fall?

Featuring exclusive interviews with industry experts Pat Ashworth and Beverley Shears, plus academic Dr Anthony Hesketh and case studies from organisations that have successfully implemented strategies, the AdviserPlus Productivity eBook investigates how we can tackle these issues practically and increase workplace productivity.

Themes investigates in the report include:

  • Workforce wellbeing

  • The structure of the working week

  • The problem with meetings

  • The increasing prevalence of technology

Download the full report to discover the role that HR and training can play in heightening productivity and achieving financial savings for your business.

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