HR Technology Trends 2019

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It’s easy to lose track when it comes to technology. The pace of change is such that today’s cutting edge is merely on course to be tomorrow’s obsolete. But while the pace of change can be bewildering, it’s also important to recognise that not everyone is travelling at the same speed.

Some businesses can skilfully ride the wave of innovation and are able to tap into the current trends, others lag behind, stuck on systems surpassed several innovations ago.

Download the HR Tech Trends 2019 report from AdviserPlus, to discover what’s hot and what’s not.

  • People are starting to embrace AI and automation and appreciate how this can set key personnel free to focus on using their expertise.

  • Virtual Reality technology is able to transform onboarding and training.

  • Data and software are helping to make performance management evidence-based and efficient.

  • Self-service is letting employees handle their work admin in a user-friendly way and is freeing up HR.

  • Businesses are focusing on wellbeing to keep their workers happy and healthy.

  • Data literacy is high on the agenda as businesses evolve to make the most of the power of people analytics.

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HR Technology Trends 2019

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