HR Technology Checklist for Supporting Critical Skills

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How to acquire critical organisational skills using HR tech

The role of HR leaders in helping their organisations solve the structural skills gap has never been more important.

Yet it can be a struggle to know what skills they need, retain the skills they have, and attract the right skillset profiles – especially so during a time of change and transformation?

But with the right talent technology HR can take the lead in embedding the necessary skills throughout the organisation it works within – using a mixture of hiring, coaching, performance and assessment as well as learning and career development processes.

To understand what works best for you, downloading this checklist will provide a get step-by-step guidance on designing talent programmes that support skill identification and development – and gain a detailed understanding of how your talent technology should support the entire people experience.

It will deliver:

  • Understanding of how technology should enable you to identify, acquire and nurture the critical skills your organisation needs to be successful

  • Tips for navigating the selection process to create a shortlist of technology that can facilitate your skills strategy

  • A checklist of questions to ask potential HR technology providers to help you determine if they can truly address your current and future skill need

Get the checklist for insights you need to make informed decisions and optimise the impact of your skills strategy!

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