HR in the moment: Changing expectations and perceptions of HR

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It’s a good thing HR and People leaders like a challenge, right? Wow – has the recent year or so given us exactly that. Well, if there’s one thing this report makes clear, HR teams have probably gone through more changes in the last year or so than in the last few decades.

To understand how recent events have impacted the role, expectations and perceptions of HR and People leaders around the world, we spoke with more than 1,500 people from across the UK, US, Canada and Australia. These respondents were drawn from three categories: senior HR roles, including chief people officers and HR directors; c-suite executive positions, such as CEOs and CFOs; and employees, outside both the c-suite and HR.

We wanted to understand: how have recent changes impacted the HR landscape? What’s on the new HR agenda? What are the changing expectations and perceptions of HR – and what does this mean for HR and People leaders today?

Key findings include:

  • 65% of HR leaders say their teams have had a vital role to play in the pandemic, driving change, enabling remote working and supporting wellbeing

  • 59% feel they are now delivering a more influential role in the company

  • 72% believe the crisis has helped them demonstrate their value and increase understanding of HR’s role

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