How to Measure Your Tech Recruiting Success

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What metrics should you track and how can you identify leaks in your recruitment funnel?

In today’s candidate driven market— with a global shortage in tech talent—there are probably only a few companies that can say “We are doing fine attracting plenty of qualified candidates.” Even for firms with a healthy pipeline, there is no recruitment and employer branding team out there that does not constantly need to optimize and stay on its toes in order to continue attracting the right talent in a fast changing marketplace.

Since the assumption is everyone could always be doing more, the question becomes: more of what? Some recruiting and employer branding teams would not be able to say how to best invest, or which tactics are really worth their time. The question seems simple enough, but digging for the right answer is crucial.

In this free guide, you will find tips and strategies for:

  • Understanding which metrics to track

  • Setting up the right recruiting goals

  • Reducing tech recruitment spending

  • Growing developer pipeline and improving awareness of your company

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