How to implement a financial wellbeing programme: Six practical steps

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Helping your employees navigate their money journey doesn’t need to be complex.

This toolkit is a must-read for HR professionals who are introducing financial wellbeing in their organisation. It will take you through a step-by-step process to ensure you create a holistic programme that works for your people:

1. Build a robust business case

It’s critical to have a clear business case that can be understood by all stakeholders that shows the financial impact

2. Know your workforce

Understanding the needs of employees at all levels of the organisation will help you to understand who is most in need

3. Enable culture change

Talking about money continues to be a taboo subject. Unless this taboo is challenged, the most vulnerable will remain hesitant to come forward to seek help.

4. Focus on progress, not perfection

Those that have successfully implemented a financial wellbeing programme began by addressing those with the greatest need first, started the conversation about money, and built a programme from there.

5. Communicate awareness and availability

Even the most expertly selected range of benefits will have limited impact if employees don’t know they are there.

6. Measure impact

If senior management cannot see the benefits and impact of the programme, then it may lose its priority. It’s important to agree on the criteria to measure success.

Download How to implement a financial wellbeing programme: Six practical steps to learn more about each step and read case studies from HR professionals who share their experiences of rolling out financial wellbeing benefits.

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