How to follow a total reward approach

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In recent years, total reward concept has become the new orthodoxy for reward professionals. In our latest whitepaper we provide guidance on how to follow a total reward approach in practice, explore the benefits of total reward to the organisation and its employees, what is involved in implementation and how success can be measured.

This good practice guide covers:

  • Definition and features of total reward

  • Designing and developing a total reward approach

  • Benefits and limitations of total reward thinking and practice.

We provide insight into the concept of total reward in terms of the organisation's intentions and goals, as well as the management theory that underpins total reward.

About Cendex

Cendex enables organisations to recruit, retain and motivate their talent with total confidence, by providing live data solutions in a single, trusted platform.

  • With over 1 million UK employees across 25 different function groups, Cendex provides access to the most comprehensive reward data.

  • Updated every 30 days, Cendex has the most up-to-date reward data on the market.

  • Cendex enables employers to proactively respond to market changes and make reward decisions with confidence.

As part of the RELX Group, a world leader in information-based analytics and decision tools for business professionals, Cendex leads the way in live reward data.


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