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Hiring for Cultural Fit:
Onboarding Talent with Company Values in Mind

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The concept of cultural fit has long been misunderstood, resulting in ineffective ways of recruiting through unreliable measures.

Hiring for values fit is an approach to recruiting which helps attract and select the best candidates based on true cultural fit. 

Download this guide to learn:

  • The benefits of onboarding employees with company values in mind

  • What happens when there is no fit?

  • The methods to imbedding a positive psychology in to your organisation 

About Shine Interview

Shine is a fully customisable, highly secure, enterprise level video interviewing platform specifically designed to deliver a remote first end-to-end recruitment process for large enterprises and SMEs alike.

Our aim is to make the recruitment process easier, whilst improving the candidate journey, and the platform has been proven to cut the time and cost of hiring by up to 70%.

Shine helps you recruit the best candidates, in an efficient and fair manner, while delivering an exceptional candidate experience.

With live and one-way video interviewing functionality in one super user-friendly platform, we have all of your video interviewing needs covered

We work with many household names including the Royal Navy, the RAF, Capita Resourcing, University of London, Sky, Atom bank and the NHS, and support users in over 85 countries.

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