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Five predictions your employees haven’t shared with you (yet)

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There has never been a better opportunity for leaders to shape the future of work towards a culture first company than today.

The only question is: where to start? Employee insights play a key role in building a future workplace, made by you. The people scientists team at Culture Amp analysed research and thousands of employee engagement survey results, and identified five crucial predictions about the future workplace:

  1. Leaders must earn new levels of trust from employees

  2. Companies need to communicate more empathetically with the workforce

  3. Managers will face elevated levels of burnout without intervention

  4. Employees value individual flexibility more than broad definitions of “hybrid work”

  5. Rising generational diversity in the workforce will bring new challenges and opportunities

Find out how you can shape your future with the power of humanized data in the new e-Book "5 predictions your employees haven't shared with you (yet)".

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