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23rd September 2020

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Financial Wellbeing Report for Employers

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Financial wellbeing has been rising up the corporate agenda in recent years. Since financial worries can stop employees performing at their best, how can employers help their people make healthy financial choices and habits?

The COVID-19 crisis is putting extra pressure on employees’ finances. Helping employees to manage their money should form part of a suite of wellbeing services, designed to ensure that workforces remain healthy and productive even in challenging circumstances.

What’s also clear is that financial wellbeing is not just about how much workers earn, but about the level of control they feel they have over their finances, irrespective of pay and grade. Employers are facing increased pressure to help their employees take good financial decisions, make the most of their earnings, and feel more in control of their money.

As employee engagement specialists, Personal Group have a particular interest in employees’ financial health and wellbeing, due to the strong link between these factors and overall happiness and productivity at work.

Our report gives a detailed breakdown of why employers should be offering financial wellbeing, and action points to consider as part of your strategy. These insights could be repurposed to form a business case for investment in a financial wellbeing programme at your company.

About Personal Group

Wellbeing, like us as individuals, is a sum of many parts. This is why Personal Group offer a range of products and services to support the physical, financial, mental and social needs of workers – wherever and whenever they need it the most.

We don’t just support employees, we look after our clients’ workers where it counts, both inside and outside of work; because wellbeing matters. We offer a range of products and services through our fully customisable employee experience platform that will gives access to all of the support and services your workers need, 24/7.

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