Financial help for employees: How to help your people access untapped government support

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Find out all you need to know about government support for employees and how to help your people understand what they’re entitled to.

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  • Which employees could be eligible for government financial help

  • The reasons why many employees fail to claim

  • The types of government support typically available

  • How employers can support their people to access government financial help

About MyEva

With the cost of living crisis, there’s never been a better time to help your people improve their finances. MyEva is a digital financial expert for all employees, whatever their salary level. MyEva initially takes employees through an automated, easy-to-complete financial health check, asking non-intrusive questions that help to build an overview of their current financial wellbeing.

Once complete, employees are presented with a health check score and a personalised dashboard highlighting areas of strength, as well as opportunities for improvement. Employees are then directed to financial topics relevant to them, with bite-sized tasks to complete, helping them to get more from their finances, such as increasing savings, reducing debt and saving for retirement.

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