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The Brook Street Finance Jobs Report:
Hiring and Retaining Finance and Accounting Talent in a Tough Labour Market

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In one of the toughest hiring markets since records began, UK businesses must rethink their total employer offer to attract and retain top finance talent.

Challenges within the UK economy, and external problems, such as the war in Ukraine, are leaving businesses needing more finance and accounting talent to support stability. A recent Gartner survey revealed that demand for Financial Managers, Financial Analysts, Compliance Officers, Finance Systems Developers, and a host of other financial skills will be high throughout 2023.

However, even those businesses who can afford to pay above-market salaries are having difficulty securing and retaining the talent they need. Why is this? It’s because the world of work has changed. Workers no longer simply wish to survive at work, they want to thrive.

Download this report to learn:

  • Which finance roles are in demand

  • The top five finance skills employers are looking for

  • WFH, hybrid or in the office? What do finance workers want the most?

  • Important benefits that employers must provide to support finance worker retention

About Brook Street

Brook Street is part of the leading global workforce solutions company, ManpowerGroup.

Brook Street first opened its doors in 1946, founded by Margery Hurst who set to work with little more than an idea and a drive to succeed. Over 75 years later, our founder’s drive remains ingrained in the way we work. We’ve grown into one of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies − matching thousands of people with meaningful job opportunities at more than 4,500 companies every year. Delivering a quality service to suit the needs of clients and candidates alike was important to our founder and it remains important to us today.

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