Evolve your HR materials for better Employee Engagement

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In today's dynamic work landscape, where hybrid and remote work models are now a norm, new sources of effective communication and engagement with employees is paramount.

Revolutionise your internal communication and connection with employees by utilising dynamic, AI-powered tools tailored to your business needs, all at the click of a button.

Whether it's interactive training materials to onboard remote employees or dynamic company newsletters to keep teams connected and engaged, this tool empowers your organisation to tailor communication to resonate with the workforce.

Access now to:

  • Empower your hybrid and remote teams

  • Enhance Employee Engagement and drive meaningful interactions across your workforce

  • Unlock AI-powered tools to streamline onboarding and training

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About PageTiger

PageTiger provides a unique way to make interactive documents to enhance the employee experience. Whether creating learning, delivering onboarding, enforcing compliance or communicating with a hybrid workforce, PageTiger documents make content more engaging and effective. And with sets of custom global templates, PageTiger improves efficiency while behind-the-scenes analytics provides engagement data by individual employee, team and region.

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