Employee Retention Strategies for the Digital Workplace

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The Great Resignation continues to affect enterprise organisations. The prolonged impact indicates a larger trend that we've deemed, The Great Reflection.

Read what employees say about the future of work, and why employers need proactive retention strategies in 2022.

This whitepaper, created in partnership with CMSWire, includes:

  • Why Are Employees Leaving? Lessons From the Great Reflection

  • Not Going Anywhere: The Great Resignation Continues To Affect All Organisations - Some employees could be persuaded to stay, but the window of opportunity to keep high performers is closing fast.

  • Employees Demand a Better Work/Life Balance - The ship has sailed on “if” employees will return to the office; many enjoy the flexibility remote work gives them. Organisations must adapt to the new hybrid reality.

  • All Is Not Lost and Retention Is Possible - Beyond conversations around higher wages, the organisations that extolled the virtues of their communications and culture stand the best chance to retain high performers.

Key Findings:

  • The Great Resignation isn't going away. Employees have taken the time to reflect on what they want from their careers and many are deciding to change jobs. The clock is running out for organisations to persuade their workers to stay — but they are persuadable, if employers can get to them in time.

  • Employees want remote work. Employers looking to retain employees should focus on creating hybrid work models and giving employees flexibility. Don’t worry, your culture will survive.

  • Retention is possible, even under these circumstances. Not everyone is looking for a new job and employees are open to counter-offers. Strengthening relationships and building employee trust will go a long way to retaining employees.

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