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Employee Health: An Industry Perspective

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Improve productivity with healthier, happy people

Do you know how healthy the people in your industry are? 

Employers will be required to provide free health checks for employees, however, with cost seen as the main barrier to implementing health & wellbeing initiatives, the pressure will be to scale quickly and provide health and wellbeing services within already stretched budgets. 

Our new report, will help you understand health risks affecting productivity within your industry and how affordable digital solutions can improve productivity, with healthier, happy people.

You will discover:

  • Insights into the unhealthiest and the healthiest industries

  • The connection between health inequalities and workplace productivity

  • Which employers are leading the way with digital health check technology

  • How you can improve the wellbeing of your workforce

About SiSU Health

SiSU Health provides highly accessible, self-service health checks, utilising a medical device (class 11a) health check machine, the SiSU Health Station. A typical health check takes about 5 minutes and includes Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure (BP), BP medication and recency of check, Heart Rate, Body Fat, Smoking, CVD risk, Alcohol, Physical Activity and Perceived Stress. No supervision is needed. SiSU Health’s Mission is simple: “to help people live a healthy life”.

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