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Do your health benefits hit the mark?

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Are your employees looking for more engaging ways to look after their health? Are you wondering how to help employees access health services when NHS services are so stretched? Are you looking to align with your diversity and inclusion strategy?

In this new report, we’ll focus on the solutions to the most common health benefit challenges:

  • Low engagement and up-take: increase up-take of the health and wellbeing services you offer by making them as relevant as possible across maximum total workforce reach

  • Accessibility & inclusivity: we’ll highlight how we can tailor solutions to accommodate different health needs, gender, age and cultural backgrounds

  • Proving impact: we’ll share our success of impact and value metrics

  • Affordability to scale: you’re not alone in thinking cost is a barrier to scale, we’ll show you how digital could be the answer

  • Changing regulations: latest thinking and how to prepare for what’s to come

If you’re looking for positive employee feedback on how your services have improved their health, then this report is for you.

A healthy workforce is a productive one.

About SiSU Health

SiSU Health provides highly accessible, self-service health checks, utilising a medical device (class 11a) health check machine, the SiSU Health Station. A typical health check takes about 5 minutes and includes Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure (BP), BP medication and recency of check, Heart Rate, Body Fat, Smoking, CVD risk, Alcohol, Physical Activity and Perceived Stress. No supervision is needed. SiSU Health’s Mission is simple: “to help people live a healthy life”.

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