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Do you have effective healthcare provision in place to support your employees?

Benenden Health’s recent research shows that more than half of UK adults have a health issue, long term condition or disability, and what’s more worrying is that 41% of employees are hesitant to talk to their employers about these concerns.

Without a full understanding of the specific health and wellbeing needs of your workforce, it’s impossible to know how best to support them.

The research we’ve carried out involved surveying 2,000+ employees and 500+ employers across the UK, exploring the diverse range of health issues that employees are experiencing now, or worry about experiencing in the future, and the implications of these in the workplace. To address some of these issues we’ve put together a free and useful ‘National Health and Wellbeing at Work Report: An employer and employee’s view’.

The key findings showed:

  • Mental wellbeing as the biggest health issue on the UKs workforce, with 1 in 5 employees suffering from poor mental health

  • 8 out of 10 employees said they had concerns about future health and wellbeing issues

  • Nearly a third of employers cite that they couldn’t accommodate employees’ requests for wellbeing programmes because they’re too expensive

  • The benefits that employees value the most and find out where the gaps are in your existing health support

Our report will provide a wealth of information and statistics for business owners and leaders to make informed decisions on the healthcare provisions of their employees

About Benenden Health

Our focus is to enable all businesses in the UK the ability to offer affordable, high quality, private healthcare to every single one of their employees for just £11.90 per employee, per month.

We’re a mutual society with over 116 years of experience supporting the needs of UK businesses and the health and wellness of their employees.

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