Digital Learning: Looking at it from the Learner’s Perspective

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Digital Learning has gradually earned the respect of L&D teams and digital learners in the most successful and innovative companies throughout the world. Thanks to a decade of major advances in learning methods, along with a rapid acceleration in digital transformation in 2020, Digital Learning has become commonplace in successful learning strategies.

Driven by changes – educational, technological, organisational – we are pushed to constantly reconsider the learning solutions we develop. But where do the digital learners fit into all of this?

In order to have a better understanding of the expectations and perceptions of digital learners, CrossKnowledge commissioned an independent specialist firm to conduct a qualitative study.

What perceptions do digital learners have of skills training, and more specifically of distance learning? How do they expect to be trained, and on which subjects? Discovering their perspective is essential knowledge for making better strategy decisions.

This e-Book covers:

  • The soft skills that are critical for the success of an organisation, especially when digital learning is added

  • The different types of learner profiles for optimal strategies 

  • Taking a holistic and involved approach to learners

  • and more...

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