Creating leaders people choose to follow

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How to attract and retain the best people for your business

There will always be factors beyond the control of even the most creative and innovative HR professional, factors that prevent them from recruiting and retaining the best people for their business. Employees’ decisions to be part of any organisation can be influenced so powerfully by location, flexible hours, pay and corporate culture that it can be tough to know what solution might add value.

We’re sharing our paper ‘Creating leaders people choose to follow’ with you, because we believe it sheds new light on resolving the major headache of attracting and retaining top talent. It includes:

  • Engagement – the purpose of leaders

  • The qualities needed to harness loyalty – essence, form, pathfinding and stewardship

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Our work with thousands of organisations has taught us that every business is uniquely shaped by its history, culture, mission, values, leadership, and, ultimately, its people. For nearly 55 years, Wilson Learning has partnered with organisations around the world to consult, design, deliver, reinforce and sustain learning solutions, which deliver measurable results.

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