Creating a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion Through Digital Coaching

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The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for momentous change across everything from where we work and play to how we travel and socialise. It has made us aware of our connection with both the planet and each other. Maybe it can also serve as the impetus to create better and more diverse workforces. It's in everyone's interest that it does.

In this whitepaper, CoachHub dive into the case for increasing diversity and inclusion within organisations and provide some practical tips for creating a diverse and inclusive culture within your organisation, including a preview of their D&I framework. CoachHub also highlight the important role that coaching, and digital coaching in particular, can play in sowing the seeds for that positive change.

You will learn:

  • Why globalisation and advances in technology are increasing the need for more progressive D&I initiatives

  • The role of belonging and uniqueness in embracing diversity and creating and inclusive culture

  • How digital coaching can help you create a culture of diversity and inclusion

About CoachHub

CoachHub is a leading global talent development platform that enables organisations to create a personalised, measurable and scalable coaching program for the entire workforce, regardless of department and seniority level. By doing so, organisations are able to reap a multitude of benefits, including increased employee engagement, higher levels of productivity, improved job performance and increased retention.


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