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Conversational AI is reinventing the Employee Experience

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You may not be an AI enthusiast, however, now is the time to pay attention. We are seeing the technology present in our daily lives yet many of us are unable to fully understand how it can be used for the benefit of the HR department.

Conversational AI is a term used to describe the ability for artificial intelligence to understand the complexities and nuances of human conversation, something which is rapidly becoming a means for businesses to interact with their workforce.

If you have any need to build digital workers, this is your essential guide for hitting the ground running and getting results immediately.

You will learn:

  • How the new era of physically dispersed, remote, and adaptable employees has altered the HR and employee support landscape

  • How to increase productivity across the entire workforce

  • How omni-channel digital support can deliver instant help and support to employees

  • The powerful benefits of AI and how it can deliver better data quality across systems and processes, reduce costs and enhance the employee experience

  • How you can transform your EX and ultimately your business

About Beebot AI

Beebot AI is a leading provider of automation and conversational AI, with a mission to transform businesses. To us engagement is not only effective when it's a two-way interaction between the brand and consumer. We are passionate about improving experiences to drive revenue growth for businesses. Our team are experienced in creating, building and deploying game changing tech across any vertical.

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