How can you make your recruitment budget go further?

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Changes in the market have seen increased spending with recruitment agencies and job boards, but the quality of candidates hasn’t always reflected that increase. With most agencies charging a fee between 10-15% of the candidate’s salary, per role, it can quickly become expensive for a business that wants the best talent.

How can you take control of both your applicants and your recruitment process?

  • Improve candidate and employee retention

  • Widen your talent pool

  • Reduce the cost of hiring – and easily prove it

  • Reduce manual effort

  • Increase visibility and control of each campaign

Download this resource from recruitment solutions specialist Vacancy Filler to find out how a custom-built careers page and Applicant Tracking System can help grow your recruitment brand.

About Vacancy Filler

We have helped clients from a wide range of sectors, each facing their own recruitment challenges.

Certain sectors do share similar recruitment problems, but every business operates in its own way and, as a result, have different priorities in terms of how their hiring process works.

We share our experience of working with organisations from similar sectors to resolve common recruitment issues, but then take the time to understand your individual goals and challenges to direct the overall solution that we give to you.

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