Avoiding the Pitfalls of ERP Systems in Talent Acquisition

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What it takes to recruit the modern workforce

The people we hire make or break our companies. Companies that recruit the best deliver more than 3x the revenue and 2x the profit over their peers. Yet, somehow, we still can't get hiring right. Why? It's not because there isn't alignment on the idea of hiring the best people, the issue is complete complacency towards recruiting. Many companies view recruiting as a simple extension of their HR process and a transactional numbers game. In reality, to survive in today's business climate, organisations must re-evaluate their recruiting practices and map hiring processes to today's business realities for any hope of success.

This whitepaper explains why investing in a Talent Acquisition Suite for recruiting, as opposed to an ERP system, is one of the best business decisions a company can make.

It includes:

  • What's changed for job seekers and recruiting

  • The attraction and shift to stand-alone recruiting suites

  • Why the "all-in-one" ERP approach is misleading as a complete recruiting solution

  • How SmartRecruiters can help you out-recruit your competition


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