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Much is being said about the need for a new operating model by which HR, or the people function of your organisation, can support, empower, and deliver needed services to a distributed workforce.

The business need for a digital employee experience platform has been pushed beyond what was once considered an isolated digital employee strategy, permanently transforming it into an overarching business strategy.

This playbook delves into the digital workplace experience and what that really means for your workforce today. They examine what it takes to successfully implement a digital employee experience platform and how your business can embrace and design journeys that intertwine digital and physical experiences.

Download this guide to learn :

  • How Digital Employee Experience Platforms have changed the HR tech landscape

  • Kickstarting your employee experience initiative: What you need to know

  • A 4 step vision map and template

  • Human-centered design and persona mapping framework

  • Value-centric business case sample

  • How to drive and measure results

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About Capita People Solutions

Through our unique blend of data-driven consultancy, connected technologies, expert operational services and in-depth analytics, we can transform every aspect of your HR function. From attraction and learning to reward and retirement, we are the only provider in the business with HR experts across the entire employee lifecycle, and the only HR specialists capable of delivering true end-to-end solutions. Our award-winning technology and consulting capabilities combine to give you intelligent insights, streamline your processes, help your people achieve great things and accelerate your business performance.

About Applaud

Applaud is your toolkit to deliver digital employee experiences fit for tomorrow. Engage your people with consumer-grade technology that delivers value back to your business by enhancing processes, measuring improvement and amplifying ROI. Don’t settle for unintuitive technologies that waste time and money. Digitally transform quickly and easily using our 1,000+ pre-built connectors and 50+ best practice templates to create powerful employee experiences at enterprise scale.

  • All your employee and manager services in one place

  • Easy-to-use consumer-grade experience, any device, any time

  • Integrates with your current systems and HR content

  • Creates a meaningful digital HR experience

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