A Guide to Meaningful Social Impact

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How to develop powerful social impact programmes that change the world

Employees, consumers, and investors want businesses to benefit the community. Research shows that organisations not embedding a genuine mission into their strategies could be left behind, whilst their competitors thrive.

Whether you call it Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), social impact, or social purpose, we know your organisation wants to avoid box-ticking initiatives. So how can you ensure you make a meaningful difference?

In this guide, we address the pitfalls and challenges to leveraging the power of businesses to do social good. We share our expertise through best practices, solutions, and examples.

Download this guide to learn:

  • Why social impact matters for your business

  • How to get internal buy-in

  • How to incorporate CSR/ESG in your business strategy

  • The best practices you should follow

  • How to measure the effectiveness and impact of your programme

After reading this guide, we hope you’ll feel empowered to think strategically about your social impact initiatives, so you can deliver meaningful change for your community and your business.

About Blackbaud

Blackbaud’s corporate impact team empowers purpose-led organisations to drive meaningful impact in their communities through education and employee engagement.

Two of our solutions enable businesses to create meaningful social impact. EVERFI from Blackbaud powers up social impact through community education programmes sponsored by organisations like yours. YourCause from Blackbaud provides essential software for companies to connect their employees to the nonprofit community through giving and volunteering, empowering leaders to tell a profound impact story.

Together, we can make a difference.

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