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2023 global severance research.

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Is your organisation one of the 96% of companies that has changed or is making changes to its severance policies?

Randstad RiseSmart’s 2023 Global Severance Research provides critical insights to help you protect your employer brand, meet expectations and minimise negative sentiment during downsizing.

This e-Book uncovers which downsizing actions are most likely to create negative sentiment, how employers are adjusting policies to meet market expectations, which components of a redeployment program are most effective in mitigating the fallout and more.

Get your e-Book now to access insights and recommendations that will help you benchmark your organisation’s practices and optimise your severance policies.

Do you know?

  • 96% of organisations have taken some kind of downsizing action over the last 12 months, and 92% anticipate taking further action in the next 12 months.

  • 80% of respondents rated their handling of downsizing as excellent or very good, but that view is not shared by employees.

  • While redeployment is the most common downsizing action, only 46% of organisations report that their redeployment program is very effective.

About Randstad RiseSmart

Randstad RiseSmart enables organisations to unleash new possibilities for their people throughout their working lives. Greater employee engagement, retention, inclusiveness, internal mobility and talent satisfaction can be achieved when employees have a greater sense of purpose and direction around their careers. We call these worklife solutions. Randstad RiseSmart is the partner of choice for transforming the employee experience and unleashing worklife possibilities.

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