2020 State of Recognition: Benchmarking and best practices for recognition programs

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While most organisations have at least some form of recognition program in place, it’s often difficult to gain visibility into the various program types, their effectiveness, and how they are operated. Therefore, in late 2019, we surveyed organisations about their recognition strategy, what they were aiming to achieve, and how their programs were configured. We sought to quantify these questions about recognition practices using data and insights to help organisations assess their current strategy against their peers, and to help them evolve their programs as employee and organisational needs change over time.

Organisations are increasingly acknowledging that recognition is a critical tool for driving engagement, commitment, and team building. Research shows it can also be a key driver for reducing turnover and improving morale. The fact that more organisations embrace this sciencebacked solution every year is a clear signal that HR leaders understand the value and impact of recognition.

We’re encouraged to see the growing importance being placed on recognition and pleased that we can offer benchmarking and best practices to our customers and broader community, helping to inform your recognition strategy moving forward.

Key findings in this report include:

  • While 42% of organisations operate in Europe, and almost as many operate in Asia, less than 10% offer a single, global recognition program.

  • One in five organizations implemented their program in the last year, indicating that recognition strategy is still a focus area for many organizations and HR leaders.

  • More than half of organisations spend less than $100 per employee per year.

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