Charlotte Brown

Director of Business Operations


Is employee time tracking the key to managing a hybrid workplace?


Charlotte Brown

Director of Business Operations


Charlotte Brown

Director of Business Operations

Before the pandemic, just 5% of people worked mostly from home, according to the Office for National Statistics. Covid-19 changed this and gave employees a taste of a different type of work-life balance, something that many aren’t willing to let go of now that we’ve returned to “normal life”

Although hybrid work is here to stay, there are a lot of benefits to office-based work that can get lost when employees work entirely remotely. This is where having the right tools, such as time tracking software can help you manage the complexities of the hybrid workplace.

Time tracking gives you a bird's-eye view of what’s happening in your business and provides plenty of benefits, some of which are not always instantly obvious.


Empower your employees

Sometimes, employees can be unsure of which task they should do next, or which order they should prioritise tasks in. Time tracking software helps them visualise their schedules more easily, keeping them on track and showing them the next most pressing deadline they should focus on.

This empowers them to take autonomy in their role without needing to speak to their manager or colleagues to ask what they should be working on next.


Prevent employee burnout

Monitoring how employees spend their time helps prevent employee burnout. It gives you a better picture of what each person is juggling and if someone is taking on too much or too little.

Too much or too little on someone’s to-do list can trigger stress & burnout, so being able to see what everyone is working on – and then adjust accordingly – shows employees that you really do care about their wellbeing.


Get more accurate billing

When using time tracking software, you can send clients more accurate bills, possibly giving you more time to work on projects for them. It also means you can provide them with more specific updates, increasing their trust in you and their belief that they’re getting good value for money.

You can use the same approach to track contractors’ hours, so you know how much of their time you have left, and don’t go over budget without realising it.


Gain valuable data insights

A bird’s-eye view of all the projects that are going on at any one time means you can plan better. Previous data can be used to estimate how long a similar project will take in the future, finding time and budget savings.

Time tracking is great for finding efficiencies within the working day. When you can see how long a task takes, you can plan your team’s schedule more effectively, getting a more detailed view of when a project will be delivered.



The hybrid workplace is here to stay, which means businesses need to choose the right tools to help them and their employees continue to make the most of their time. Using a time tracking program gives businesses a big-picture view of how employees are spending their time, where the budget is being spent – or wasted – and ways to find efficiencies.

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