How to release the energy of your people


“What would be the legacy that you would like to leave behind? . . . Because the legacy won’t happen unless you actually have an idea of what it is that you would like to see before your final day comes.” - Dr. Jim Loehr, EdD

This is one of many fascinating questions raised by Dr. Jim Loehr in this episode of the Work Healthy Podcast - a series of interviews with well-known thought leaders and leading companies about the changes they have made to foster and promote a healthier work environment in their particular industries.

Dr. Jim Loehr is a well-known performance psychologist who has written more than 17 books, trained some of the best athletes in the world, and co-founded the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, which has helped educate and inspire more than 250,000 business, sports, medical, and military leaders worldwide. In this episode, we discuss topics such as the importance of setting long term goals, the negative and positive powers of the human brain, and self-deception.


About this podcast series

The Work Healthy Podcast is for anybody passionate about creating healthier workplaces that deliver better results. Business leaders, HR experts and employees hungry for knowledge, insights and ideas to transform old ways of working and replace them with new approaches that make work actually work!

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