A Day in the life of...

Debbie Mavis

Group HR Director of Avanti Communications

Mornings always start with movement for Debbie Mavis, Group HR Director of Avanti Communications. After a 45-minute yoga or other exercise session and short commute to work, Debbie continues the day on her feet, overseeing all aspects of HR, and managing Avanti’s Property, Communications and Education departments. Find out more of what Debbie gets up to during a typical working day…


The Night Before

Despite the industry I work in, I am quite a girly girl. I like to pick out my outfit for the day the night before, and I am quite lucky that as soon as my head touches the pillow, I fall straight to sleep, ready to recharge for the working day ahead.


Morning - 4:45am

I am a massive early bird and like to start the day with some time to myself with a 45-minute yoga or Pilates class. Starting the day with movement is really important to me as it allows the day to begin with a positive, healthy mindset. After exercise, I like to listen to a podcast whilst getting ready – I am recently loving Steven Bartlett's Diary of a CEO podcast, as it celebrates a variety of leaders from a range of industries and backgrounds.


Starting the day with movement is really important to me



I have a short commute (15 mins) to our London office in White City, where I eat my staple breakfast of overnight oats and a coffee. I am part of a large family (nine siblings!), so I am used to being amongst people. When I’m not travelling internationally, I choose to come into the office at least four days a week, as there is always such a buzz.



I start the working day doing a lap of the office, catching up with colleagues as they filter in and having a quick catch up with our CEO. A typical morning usually involves a mixture of Zoom and face-to-face meetings, to strategise and share thoughts on current and upcoming projects. As well as heading HR, I also oversee Avanti’s Communication and Property teams as well as our Education programmes in East Africa – so I try to split my time effectively between all of the areas of the business that I run, taking into consideration the different time zones.


Lunch - 1pm

Lunch for me consists of a pre-made salad or soup and taking in some fresh air on our office balcony, which has beautiful views of London. I like to take this time to stop, gather my thoughts and reset before the afternoon ahead.


I'm always on hand for any guidance or support that anyone needs


Afternoon - 2pm

My afternoons are usually very busy, and I am often moving around for different meetings across the building. When I am back at my desk, I use the time to tick off my to-do list, keeping my office door open so I’m always on hand for any guidance or support that anyone needs – another reason why I love being in the office.



As most projects are cross-national, we often have afternoon meetings to accommodate for varied time zones. Connecting with individuals from different countries and cultural backgrounds allows me to see the greater picture of how we can benefit the wider population with our services.


Evening - 6pm

I have a hard rule of not taking any work home with me from the office, so when the working day ends, I like to switch off. I often go out for dinner with friends or spend time Facetiming one of my grandchildren. Life is all about balance, and family and friends are what bring me back to earth at the end of a busy working day.


End of working day

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