Beating the
post-pandemic recruitment crisis


The COVID-19 pandemic affected us all in multiple ways - whether it be mentally, physically, or financially, we can all agree that it was a difficult time. Business struggled, and sadly, people were made redundant. Companies could not afford to furlough staff, and with 64% of UK businesses across all industries experiencing closure during lockdown, it was difficult for people to find work. Surely this would make recruitment easier, right? Unfortunately, no.

What Staffing Match Did

Staffing Match is a recruitment company that started up in 2013, specialising in temp and perm workers in the aviation, warehousing, driving, food manufacturing, distribution, and construction sectors. Receiving awards such as the Recruiter’s 4th Fastest Growing Recruitment Company, business was thriving. However, when the pandemic hit, two thirds of the company’s business was completely wiped out for the foreseeable future. Branches were struggling, and the company had a difficult decision to make – either downsize, causing more people to lose their jobs, or take a risk. Staffing Match prioritise helping people and supporting those who needed work; they were not going to contribute to the loss of more people’s jobs, especially not that of their own employees. With much consideration, they devised a plan.


The initial step was to increase their business infrastructure – rather than downsizing and having more people lose their jobs, they expanded their team, growing their back office with a new IT department and marketing department.

“Staffing Match supplied transport for candidates who had previously worked in aviation/hospitality to travel to clients who needed more support. Hot food and drink were provided to keep them comfortable. Staffing Match also negotiated with clients to allow more flexible positions to suit these candidates.” – Dan Carlin, Director.

The final step was to train the candidates so that they could flourish in their new positions, and gain experience to help them in future.


What you can do

It is easy enough to tell someone to think outside the box, but actually doing it is a different story. However, the main take away from this is that taking risks can pay off – especially if you follow our values:

Strive to Innovate

Never be afraid to try new techniques.

Act & Think Quick

Prepare for the unexpected and use your initiative.

Respect & Commit

It is important to show mutual respect and commitment, and that includes having difficult conversations when necessary.

High Standards

Always aim for the best.

Have Some Fun

Employee happiness is the key to employee productivity and efficiency.

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