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 The power of recognition

When we are children, we all get taught about the so-called ‘magic words’: our pleases and our thank yous. Nowadays, it seems more and more firms are beginning to realise the powerful impact of these simple words - thanking their employees for the work they do.

There's research to back up this appreciative tack. Former Yum! Brand’s Chief Executive Officer David Novak recently found that that 40% of Americans say they would be more energised in their roles if they were to receive more recognition for their work.

Furthermore, a separate report from World at Work found that organisations with an effective recognition programme have a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate. As the saying goes: brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated.

And some organisations are willing to go all-out when it comes to recognition. In this edition's cover feature, QVC share how one of their top rewards is a paid-for trip to San Francisco to allow an employee to meet their colleagues across the pond. This gives both arms of the business a strong motivation to work hard and is a wonderful bonus to an employee who really deserves a thank you.

But appreciating the work your teams do for you doesn’t have to be expensive. In a previous issue, HR Grapevine covered a Shop Direct scheme which allowed employees to give each other points which could be converted into vouchers – a cheaper way of recognising good work, but still a highly effective one.

You could even come up with recognition ideas that cost nothing: why not share success stories featuring your staff on social media; or offering an ‘Employee of the Month’ award?

There’s a lot of power behind the words ‘thank you’ – in fact, they might really be ‘magic’ after all!


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Beckett Frith - Staff Writer





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