Dr Evgenia Stefanopoulou

Clinical Psychologist


How to support your people through winter pressures


Dr Evgenia Stefanopoulou

Clinical Psychologist


Dr Evgenia Stefanopoulou

Clinical Psychologist

This winter, employees are facing challenges rarely seen in the modern world, as a result of an extraordinary rise in costs and the accompanying uncertainty. For some, the situation can feel unmanageable at times. Never has it been more important for employers to provide mental health and wellbeing support for their employees during difficult times.

We all benefit from mentally healthy workplaces: employees, managers, and business owners. A mentally healthy workplace is one that fosters a positive culture, recognises, supports, and takes appropriate action to reduce potential threats to employee mental health and wellbeing. The experts at Rightsteps have created a Winter Pressures guide to assist employers in assessing the mental health and wellbeing of their employees, identifying tools to assist employees, and providing practical support.


Investing in the wellbeing of your teams is more than just a nice thing to do; it has tangible business benefits and will be especially important this year to promote wellbeing and strengthen resilience in your workforce. As an HR professional, it is critical to put measures in place to ensure employee wellbeing is addressed, or to regularly assess the effectiveness of existing programs. After assessing your organisation's needs, you can implement a variety of initiatives to improve not only employee wellbeing but also employee engagement.

Here we give you a sneak peek into what’s in the guide:

  • How to promote a mentally healthy workplace culture.
  • How to frame winter pressures differently.
  • How to prepare your employees for tough decisions and conversations.
  • How to ensure employees are aware of any health and wellbeing support on offer.
  • How to provide employees with access to mental health provision.

At Rightsteps we help organisations across the UK address gaps in their mental health and wellbeing provision and create working environments that prioritise employee mental wellbeing and health. Through our counselling, guides, workshops, and webinars we deliver support on a range of physical and mental health topics that can help improve KPIs, such as absence & burnout.

Rightsteps' Winter Wellness Guide for HR professionals

The experts at Rightsteps have put together a free guide to help HR and wellbeing leads plan for the winter ahead.

Download the guide

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