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How to maximise L&D’s value to the business in 2023


David Yesford

Senior Vice President


David Yesford

Senior Vice President

Uncertainty, slashed budgets, workforces stretched – or breaking. It’s tough right now and the squeeze on L&D is intense.

But flip that around and 2023 presents the perfect opportunity to prove the bottom-line value L&D can add to an organisation, when it has the mindset and capability to provide solutions to the business-critical challenges of today.

The most effective L&D professionals have already taken a big step by becoming trusted advisors to their internal clients, rather than inhabiting the training ‘silo’!

Having earned the right to contribute, they are engaging across their organisation at higher levels, and earlier in the decision-making process. They are actively shaping the redesign of work and developing capability to lead performance in our future world.


David Yesford

Senior Vice President


To discover how your L&D can create the same value for your business, download our free 3 Strategies to Maximise L&D’s Value pdf now.

The strategies enable L&D professionals to influence their business’s response to the turbulent economic situation, without waiting for an ‘invitation’ to offer their expertise.

They equip L&D teams with the mindset and tools to initiate the breakthrough conversations that help executives assess current capabilities and competencies, and identify and define priority needs.

By understanding how to earn their clients’ trust, discover their motives and make sense of complexity, L&D professionals become valued internal consultants – and maximise the impact of L&D’s role.

Wilson Learning’s 3 strategies help L&D professionals become trusted advisors, problem-solve business challenges and support their organisations as the grapple with the opportunities 2023 will bring.

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