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Knowledge is only the first step. If you do not take that knowledge and do something with it, and change what's going on; then nothing will in fact change.“ - Prof. Jeffrey Pfeffer

For the third episode of the Work Healthy podcast, founder and CEO of Healthy Place To Work® John Ryan sits down with Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer. Pfeffer is the Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University where he has taught since 1979. He is the author and co-author of over 15 books, and has been published extensively in the fields of organisation theory and human resource management. His current research focuses on how work settings affect people's health and well-being, organisational power and leadership, evidence-based management and more.

They discuss the importance of change in the workplace, how work is structured, and the potential organisational tactics that can be utilised to reduce harm to workers' mental and/or physical health. Using his expertise in this area, Prof. Pfeffer offers opinions and suggestions on how business executives should develop sustainable work environments.


About this podcast series

The Work Healthy Podcast is for anybody passionate about creating healthier workplaces that deliver better results. Business leaders, HR experts and employees hungry for knowledge, insights and ideas to transform old ways of working and replace them with new approaches that make work actually work!

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