Using technology to redefine your Employee Value Proposition & employee experience


Nick Gallimore

Director of Talent Transformation & Insight

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In today’s working world, the Employee Value Proposition or EVP is becoming an increasingly dominant factor for businesses. The Great Resignation and the ongoing talent war mean that businesses are entering into an increasingly competitive jobs market. With the focus for many organisations set on attracting and retaining talent, one of the keys to success will be the ability to define and promote a strong cultural identity and positive employee experience.

The EVP is one of the greatest assets available to organisations when they enter the recruitment cycle. Your EVP is a measure of all benefits derived from your employee’s relationship with the business and encompasses a broad range of factors from benefits packages and company cars to more intangible factors such as work-life balance.

Furthermore, your EVP is an advertisement of your brand to the wider market and serves as a banner statement of your company culture and ethos. Recent years have found increasing evidence of candidates seeking out more empathetic and ethically driven brands, particularly with regards to diversity and inclusion, as well as environmental initiatives. Your EVP is your opportunity to shout from the rooftops about what a great place your organisation is to work for, as well as demonstrating your commitment to core values which are increasingly important for today’s workforce.

At Advanced, we believe in the power of HR technology to help you redefine your EVP. Our suite of HCM solutions are designed to help you get to the heart of your organisation and identify the key elements which make up your employee experience. Our time and attendance and payroll systems give you the visibility you need to stay connected with your people and reward them appropriately for their hard work.


Our Cloud HR and Clear Review solutions also offer the perfect framework for businesses to engage with their people and take the measure of the employee experience within their organisation. Cloud HR is a comprehensive HR solution which allows you the ability to gain unmatched insight into your business and inform your decision making through the leveraging of powerful metrics and analytics. Clear Review is a market leading performance management solution which moves feedback sessions from a traditional rigid annual structure and helps businesses create a more holistic approach of regular check-ins. By drawing upon feedback from your existing employees, you are far better placed to craft an EVP which is truly representative of your culture and ethos.

Your EVP and how your brand is viewed by the wider world is set to become the dominant factor which will set you apart from your competitors. The emphasis for businesses will be to act now to define or redefine their employee experience and to make sure they have the systems and technology in place to support them in achieving their goals.

If you’d like to learn more about how Advanced is preparing for the evolution of HCM and the wider working world in 2022, please get in touch today.

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