HR tools to drive productivity and resilience amid a pending recession

Virtual Roundtable | HR Grapevine & Achievers

Wednesday, 7th December 2022 10:00am GMT

According to new research from Achievers Workforce Institute (AWI), 77% of HR leaders are concerned about a pending recession, but just 26% of respondents say their organisation is prepared to manage unexpected challenges.

AWI research identifies two key focuses for HR leaders who want to recession-proof their organisation: resilience and productivity.

So what moves the needle on these metrics?


Recognition frequency correlates strongly with high productivity — the more often someone is recognised the more likely they are to report being highly productive.


Employees who say their organisation takes meaningful action on feedback are almost three times more likely to say they are their most productive selves at work.


Employees who say their company supports them in creating and maintaining friendships at work are 2.6 times more likely to report being their most productive selves at work.

Manager effectiveness

People who would recommend their managers are 2.1 times more likely to report being highly productive.

Join us for this interactive, virtual roundtable discussion and debate the challenges and solutions to these key issues impacting HR teams today.

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