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How can HR help the organisation become more resilient?

Webinar | Tuesday, 25th May 2021 11:00am BST | HR Grapevine & Jigsaw Cloud

Resilience is fast becoming the core skill that business leaders want. Defined as “thriving before, during, and after adversity” it's clear that during the pandemic, and with a more-than-uncertain outlook, it makes sense that it's fast becoming an organisational must-have.

But, how can organisations become resilient and does HR have a role?

This webinar will draw on exclusive research to showcase HR’s role in building business and people resilience, the tools it has available and why this is of increased importance:

  • Defining what resilience is in practical terms

  • Why resilience is needed now – with a look at continued transformation

  • HR’s ownership of resilience and what that means for the function’s relationship with the executive and the workforce

  • What better resilience means for culture & wellbeing

  • What tools HR has available for better resilience – including technology and mindset

Liz Williams

Managing Director
Jigsaw Cloud

Emma Blaney

Global HR Director
Euromonitor International Limited

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