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Payroll: Your secret weapon for resilient HR

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Payroll is your secret weapon

While HR leaders agree that payroll is a fundamental function, many don’t realise the value it provides for the rest of the organisation.

Used to its full extent, it could become your secret weapon, helping your HR strategy to become more accurate, efficient and resilient.

This is especially important during this global pandemic when HR leaders have become responsible for the whole organisation, under pressure to manage employees safely and effectively, whilst still impressing your CEO and the rest of the board.

Structural changes

During the pandemic, most employers have had to change pay and benefits.

Yet, less than half of firms reported having HR & Payroll systems that coped with this change well. In fact, three in 10 organisations said their technology hindered effective workforce changes at a time when it was needed most.

And its not just the basics that most payrolls systems are failing on. The C-Suite is increasingly interested in people data yet only 30% of HR leaders said they could provide this data easily.

Payroll is the answer

Therefore, it’s time to give payroll the attention it deserves. Payroll can be the backbone of a resilient and sustainable HR operation – one that delivers strategic and day-to-day benefits.

To help you understand this, this session we will discuss:

  • How to leverage payroll data for informed HR strategies & access accurate people-data

  • How a robust payroll solution can overcome common challenges created by COVID-19

  • How you can transform employee experience through an integrated Payroll & HR operation

  • Why payroll is the secret weapon for HR leaders

Daniel Cave

Daniel Cave

Head of Content
HR Grapevine
Will Smith

Will Smith

Payroll & HR Solutions Consultant
SD Worx
Bally Lotay

Bally Lotay

WFM Solutions Consultant
SD Worx

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